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Eastbank Model Railway Club consists of a small and informal group of widely dispersed friends who share an extremely diverse interest in railways, prototype and model, domestic and foreign.

The Club was originally based in Shettleston in Glasgow but due to the relocation of most of our member over the past years, the structure of the Club has had to be reformed and is now what could be best described as a virtual model railway club. We have no regular or formal meetings, we have no written constitution, we have no clubrooms, we have no tangible assets and we have no annual subscription. Our layouts are owned by our individual club members but we all collaborate with our own specialised skills and talents on the design, construction and the presenting of these layouts at exhibitions.

PLEASE NOTE  All photographic images displayed on these pages are the property of the members of Eastbank Model Railway Club except where stated otherwise. After all, historical information and images are of no use unless they are freely shared among others with similar interests. The images may be reproduced for any non commercial purposes but it would be very much appreciated if reference is given as to the source of the information and the images.

Our Layouts and Displays.

BINNS A Hornby Dublo 2 rail Meccano commissioned demonstration train set dating from the 1960's.
MAGERSFONTEIN Depicting in H0 scale the operations on South African Railways in the 1980's.
PREVIOUS LAYOUTS Some of our layouts that we have exhibited over the past years.
EXHIBITIONS Listing of events where we have exhibited our layouts.
PRESENTATIONS Listing of some of our Illustrated Talks presented by our members.

Some of our model interests.


Nostalgia concerning shops in the Glasgow area that sold model railways.
GENUINE FAKES Some Tri-ang Railways, Tri-ang Hornby, Hornby Dublo, Lima, Airfix & Jouef models that were never made - until now.
CHARTER The charter for not so fine scale railway modellers.
00 & H0 SCALES Comparing the difference between 00 scale and H0 scale.
BLUE PULLMAN MODELS Completing a 00 scale London Midland Region and Western Region Blue Pullman, Tri-ang Railways style.
CONTINENTAL SLEEPER The Tri-ang Railways CIWL Continental Sleeping and Dining Cars.
Mk.1 & Mk.2 COACHES Extending the original range of Tri-ang style Mk.1 and Mk.2 Passenger Coaches.
WHISKY GALORE The first series Tri-ang Hornby bulk grain (Whisky) wagons.
RIVAROSSI AHM GG1 Variations on the H0 scale GG1 by Rivarossi and AHM.
SHORT CIRCUITS Basic and simple model railway electrics. It's not the circuits that are short, it's the articles.

Some of our prototype railways interests.


The latter years of the Night Ferry, Britain's first international passenger train.
DEERSTALKER The Caledonian Sleeper overnight train, between Fort William and London Euston.
CITALIAN EXPRESS The Citalian Express overnight charter service that once operated between the UK and Italy.
ORIENT EXPRESS The early years of the Venice Simplon Orient Express.
BLUE TRAINS Clydeside's "Blue Trains", the Classes 303 and 311 units.
CLASS 320 Clydeside's Class 320 electric multiple units.
CLASS 21 & 29 The North British Type 2 Class 21 and 29 diesel electrics.
CLASS 74 Class 74 Electro Diesels, the end of the line.
WOODHEAD The latter years of the Manchester, Sheffield & Wath electric railway.
BELGIAN COAST TRAMS Scenes on the Belgian Coastal Tramway.
LUCCA-AULLA LINE The scenic Serchio Valley Lucca to Aulla railway in Tuscany, Italy.
GAS TURBINE TRAINS The RTG and RTL Gas Turbine trains in France and the United States of America.
FL9 LOCOMOTIVES The EMD FL9 Dual Mode Locomotives in the United States of America.
A4 FINALE Finale of the A4 in Scotland, the Bittern end.
UK STEAM FINALE The final days of British Railways mainline steam locomotives.
MERSEYRAIL Scenes on Merseyrail's Northern Line from Liverpool to Southport and Ormskirk.
LMR DC ELECTRICS British Railways London Midland Region third rail DC electric multiple units.
BR COACHING STOCK Some less common examples of British Railways coaching stock.
SWINDON DMU's The three types of Swindon built Diesel Multiple Units that operated in Scotland.
HIGHLAND MAIN LINE Some scenes on the Highland Main Line before the Sprinters came.
WEST HIGHLAND LINES Some scenes on the West Highland Lines before the Sprinters came.
FAR NORTH LINES Some scenes on the Far North Lines before the Sprinters came.
SHETTLESTON SCENES A few views in Shettleston in the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's.
GLASGOW RAIL SCENES Some railway related scenes around Glasgow.

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